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    I don’t know why I bother applying for other jobs. I got another rejection email saying ‘we saw other candidates that closely matched our profile’

    I’m thinking “Excuse me, what? You called me prior to interview and asked me questions THEN invited me along, and after all that you then decide I’m not suitable?” Why waste my time?

    Its got me thinking though. I’ve been working as a cleaner for the past 5 years, same company. Before that I was a SAHM for 8 years. Have I been working too long as a cleaner? Has my time to try something else has passed?

    Not to out pressure on myself but in a few years time I will have to be completely self-sufficient as my son is 13 this year. I don’t want to struggle working all hours for peanuts.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Sue xx

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    Hi Sue,

    It’s never too late to try something new – you just need to find your thing. I’m mid 40’s and set up my own business a few years ago – hard work but fun!

    What did you want to do next? Just keep applying, and follow up – I work in Recruitment and this shows that you’re keen!

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    I have been writing a lot recently. I write anything from children’s books to scripts. I even write poetry but I don’t think people buy books much anymore.

    Well done on your venture i bet its doing something you enjoy

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    Hi Bluebird, don’t take too much from that rejection letter. It’s a standard letter so not specific to you.

    Definitely don’t give up. Get someone else to check your cv, and let them make suggestions and then keep applying. It you like creative writing, what about job as a content writer in marketing?

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    Hi Kathy

    Its a possibility but I presume they may want someone with formal qualifications 😀

    If I could make creative writing into my bread and butter job that would be heaven for me.

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    We don’t ask for formal qualifications. Just an interest in our industry.

    We take digital marketing apprentices, who study towards a qualification while working for us for 18 months. The pay isn’t great to start with but better than NMW.

    Could you choose something you are interested in – food, diy, travel or what ever and start a blog. After you’ve produced half a dozen articles, start applying, and use the blog as examples. Has to be worth a go 😊

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    Hi BluebirdSue,

    As Kathy says, a blog could be a great start. I love writing too so I created a WordPress page just to input some of my work.

    Wishing you all the success! xx


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    Yeah I will most likely use wordpress as a lot of people have recommended it to me.

    I’m not the world’s best poet but I’m always writing and eager to share work with others.

    Would love to see your webpage 😀

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