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    Hi all.

    I’m not sure if I’m after reassurance or just emotional support.  I have a final hearing this week. We’ve had social services reports because there is a history of abuse, and the three children are disclosing at school that my ex smacks and shouts at them, and it’s scary, they are 7 and 5. They’ve returned home with bruising on a few occasions. Social services said in their report that he is doing it, and they have identified physical abuse as a cause for concern, but also said that contact should carry on, because at this stage, the children are not showing enough signs of psychological or physical harm.

    My ex has submitted his statement to say that I’m making the children say these things to their teachers  and I’m parentally alienating them from him. Throughout five years he’s had  consistent contact, driven by me. Absolutely terrified that the courts are going to go with his nonesense about alienation despite the 100+ pieces of evidence from me, family, teachers and even previous social services reports. How likely are the court to buy it? I’m not fighting for no contact, just safe contact!

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    Hi, you dont have anything to worry about. It seems to me like they are suggesting he has a different parenting style to yourself . Also they will dismiss parent alienation and he is making thing worse for himself. You are allowing contact also which rules that out 100 % and you are merely showing concern like any mum would.

    At final hearing its likely that contact will remain how it is , what your ex may benefit from as well as contact continuing as normal is a parenting course .

    Parenting courses are useful and also may alter his parenting style a bit ie shouting and smacking them . It seems to me like children want to see their dad and generally enjoy it , but not how he addresses things when they dont behave if you know what i mean.

    Parent alienation will be 100 % be dismissed and i rather be in your positon at hearing than your ex partners. As long as you are calm, child focused and promoting contact you will absolutely walk the hearing in flying colours . Let me know how u get on

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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