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    My ex partner and i split many years ago and have a daughter who is 11 but i aint seen her for 2 years. I went to court. But due to the lies she told about me and the fact i had to represent myself in the end due to financial constraints  i lost the right too see mt daughter can anyone advise me what i can do next?.

    Im going insane at not seeing her.

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    There must be an awful lot here you’re not telling us because the courts actively seek to make contact happen. Even in the most extreme circumstances they would encourage contact in a monitored centre, Skype, etc. It doesn’t matter if you represent yourself or not. The question is are you safe with the child? If not, in what circumstances could the safety be ensured but contact upheld? For example, it’s unlikely you could hurt your daughter via Skype apart from verbally and the call could be ended swiftly, and if that goes well for a monitored period, then it would slowly build up to a trial contact, etc. It might take a year or more, but contact would eventually happen. Difficult to help without knowing more. Are you paying any maintenance? I urge you to contact Families Need Fathers:

    Families Need Fathers:

    They have a phone number and local groups – there is usually free legal advice at the groups on specific days.

    PM me if I can help further.

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    I appreciate your response yes there are details ive not given but they are allegations. I will contact the  group you advised me about and see if i can get and way forward. Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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