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    My children mainly live with me but see their dad every other weekend and we share the holidays. The last holiday abroad that my children had was with their dad in the summer of 2019. Since then he is refusing to return the passports. If I try and make a fuss he just stops the maintenance. I haven’t needed the passports but it winds me up that he wont let me have them. I know it shouldn’t and I’m sure when and if I’m able to abroad on holiday he will let the boys have their passports it’s just irritating! I’ve needed them for proof of id for football clubs and trips for secondary school and he sends me a scan.

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    Well this is very odd behavior indeed.  Seems very odd that he would keep them without explaining his reasons why.   Does he think you will lose them? Or skip the country with them or is this plain pig headiness ?   It sounds like a power thing.  It also sounds petty .

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    It soundS like a control thing.If you need them for something serious like travel…I would report them as stolen,then they automatically are cancelled,then you would have to replace as and wh en needed.

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    Gummibear has a great point. You may need them one day and seeing as you are the one caring for the children then it should follow that you are the one caring for all the documentation ( passports,birth certificates etc).  Report them as stolen/lost will cancel them all. However if/when you wanted to leave the country then you will need up to date passports which would need reapplying for.  Its not ideal (and fairly expensive) but at least youd have the peace of  mind that there is no control with these things. If HE wants to take the children abroad then he will just have to get new passports and suck it up.

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    Surely it depends on who paid for them in 1st place. If you paid for them then he should return them to you

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    To Stella

    This is coercive – controlling behaviour which is a criminal offence. I t is abuse. It is very clear he is very desperate for you not to take his children away fro him. Unfortunately many women have gone on holiday and has never returned. For you to take the children on holiday, you need written permission from himto do this.

    There are these orders in place for this very reason.

    You can get a Prohibited Steps Order (stop him taking the children without consent and if he does or if he doesn’t return them he will be immediately arrested) and fill in with the C100 (allegations of abuse) to support it. You can also apply for a Non-Molestation Order (injunction) which will prevent him intimidating you and encouraging others to intimidate you.

    Both of these can be applied as urgent without hearing, meaning he will have the orders stamped on him without a court hearing or giving notice (basically he’ll be “served”)

     if you are on any benefits at all you can have a HWF code (help with fees) which will mean you won’t pay. The non-mol and pro-steps are £250 each and can find the paperwork online.

    I don’t know your relationship with the Dad if you have a ‘non – molestation order’ in place. This order is free to apply through the family court. It is only 2-3 pages long. It is to stop the other partner not to harass or intimate you. Strictly he has in effect stolen the children’s passport, as he is not giving it back. You should really report it to the police.

    He seems to want to control you and your children’s lives or future. If he threatens to stop paying the child maintenance. You can contact the government child maintenance service. He will be forced to pay it. He can not threaten you like this. This is not acceptable behaviour.

    good luck, thanks Katherine

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