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    I have been a single dad for over 4 years now and the relationship has been up and down. He refuses to spend time with me and eventually has to be bribed. Once he is with me constantly asks when he is going home and kicks off non stop. He does have ADHD and my ex refuses to let him be medicated and says that even if he does it will only be for school purposes. No surprise that it is always my own fault according to there mum and my Eldest son gets pushed aside because of the behaviour. I get sworn at and hit and told he hates me and doesn’t want to spend time with me and at this point the feeling is mutual. He is only 5 so its difficult but constantly have him screaming and shouting and won’t listen to a word i say. Its all making me depressed and i am actually at the point where i don’t want to know anymore. Any advice would be greatfully appreciated


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    Coping must be very difficult, but there are web sites with advice on how to cope better, such as having a fixed routine so your son knows what to expect, getting as much fresh air and exercise as possible, breaking tasks down into little chunks and removing distractions.

    I’m sure you don’t hate him. Have you tried asking your GP surgery for advice or joining an ADHD society?

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    Try cbd oil it comes in spray form from Holland and barrett

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    Hi ryry01

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