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    I am a Mum of 5, my eldest has recently left home and I have a 15, 9, 5 and 4yr old.

    I have had several partners since splitting with thier dad 2. 5yrs ago.. Which I know affects the children a great deal but each time I have thought he is the one and we will all be happy.

    I hate being on my own, mainly because I cannot cope with the children’s behaviour, they scream, fight and don’t listen to a word I say. My 9yr old has undiagnosed sen and is usually the instigator.

    I am seriously dreading the summer holidays, hate being stuck at home with them as they get bored scream and fight, and dread taking them out in case they play up.

    Wish I had a freind I could meet up with, feels like I’m stuck on my own with no support.

    Sorry for the rant.


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    Hi Donnanco36,

    Sorry to hear youโ€™re finding things a bit tough. Could you perhaps look into a local soft play or toddler group to attend with the younger two? Often times older siblings can attend as well. That could be a great way of meeting other local parents/making friends. It is difficult to make friends as an adult!

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    Hello Donnanco36,

    Sorry to hear you are finding things difficult at the moment.

    Building up a support network around you can really help. We have lots of local Gingerbread groups based in England and Wales, if you visit our group page here you can see if there is one local to you.

    It might also be helpful to contactย  Family Lives ย for parenting support, and also to Home-Start who may be able to offer some more local support.

    All the best



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