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    So, I’m due to go back to work in January 2020. I’m a lone parent, fathers never been in the picture, but I’ve been looking into childcare costs and it just isn’t doable! The costs are fenominal! I’ll end up putting myself into so much debt with paying upfront costs. I guess the more I think about it the more I’m filled with so much worry as to what the future holds financially. Has anybody else had to quit work because of childcare costs? And how have you coped? Is life doable without ending up in a mountain of debris universal credit enough to live on?

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    If you’ve had a year’s maternity leave, you have 12 months to go before you get any free childcare.

    Some people know they will make a loss but calculate how much it will cost to stay in work for that year, because it gives continuity of employment, pension, skills etc. My first year back cost me about £3,000.

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    I remember when I left my ex-husband, I sat down and did proper calculations.   There are online benefits calculators which you may already know about – it may give you some idea of what you could be entitled to?    Then weigh up the financial pros and cons of working.    For me, it’s been a balancing act.    It has helped that I’ve worked for myself while my son has been fully dependent – but still very tough to pay all the bills on a part time lone income.     Do you have local family who could help out; I presume not?    I’d try to do lots of research and work out what are your options.   Could you work for yourself – could you set up a childcare business at home?    In this situation, everything can seem so tough to manage, but you’ll get there.

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    I’m in the exact same position, childcare is so expensive! I was told when they turn 2 you are entitled to 15hrs free childcare, and if your struggling they can pay the first upfront nursery fee and deduct it from your next payment I think she said as long as you inform them at least two weeks before they start they can help. It wouldn’t be full time work but I suppose 15 hrs per week is better than nothing and the money you earn is on top of what you get from universal credit so anything extra helps out! The amount of free childcare hrs goes up when they turn 3 too, think she said 30 free hrs.

    Hope this helps☺


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    I was in serious debt when I returned to work as my employer had over paid me too. It got better when I received 3o hours free child care . My one started school at 4 years old and I struggled especially as they are off every 6 weeks.

    I have worked part time over the summer holidays and took 4 weeks off so that we can do trips to the seaside. Also I had to find a child minder for the holidays and the only decent one was 35 mins in the car.  I’m knackered from the journey but my child was well cared for and am pleased that her summer holidays was great we were out meeting people and going out literally every day .

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