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    Unsure what to??

    I’m in a situation where I really don’t know what to do? I have 3 children the youngest being 7, thing with my ex have been awkward I feel I was controlled without realising at the time and he plays mind games alot, he got into a relationship told her he was sucidial so she told me, so I limited contact for the safety of our children as when he was with me he had previously experienced this, so contact was supervised at the house until my eldest told me she was frightened of him and the way he would ask her questions where no matter how she answered it, she would be wrong and altho she stayed in her room out if the way he would go look for her so I stopped contact and said it needs to be done at a contact centre. Then covid hit so I got messaged daily and if I didn’t reply more messages sent then he started to drive past the house during lock down he lives over 45 mins away from us so police got involved. Long story short police told him to stay away and I blocked him on my phone and 2 children now see victim support people he can contact the children on a phone where he rings 3 times a week but they don’t answer even if I try to encourage them. The ex has now taken me to court over contact now I’ve always told my children I’m more than happy for you to see your dad and try to encourage them to talk they refuse. We had a court hearing and the ex is to still ring 3 times a week and see them once every 2 weeks for an hour. I feel the courts think I’m a bitter ex and using the children . Which I am not I’m just listening to my children’s wishes. I now answer the phone and ask the children if they want to talk and try to encourage answer is always no with contact the older 2 blank refuse so does my 7 year old but I’ve been told he has to go the visits are supervised and he goes with the supervisors son so they play and he ignores his father but he started not wanting to go at all, but their is a 1st court order in place.  When he sees dad the next few days are hard as he is full of rage towards me I told you I didn’t want to go and you made me. Of course I would love to be a relationship between him and his dad but it just isn’t there none of our children got sad when he left as he was always at work so in there heads nothing really changed. My next hearing is in March but it’s beginning to have a massive impact already can I go back and ask to change the order does anyone know I feel 3 times a week on the phone is alot and maybe once a week would encourage the children to possibly take more? A section 7 has been requested where it’s going to come out that the older 2 don’t want nothing to do with him as my middle child says he forgets to fed us.

    Any advice would be greatly received as I just want to do what’s right for the children at the moment I feel that this is really effecting their mental health and my ex is thinking what’s best for him not the children. I  don’t know what to do best


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