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    Hi there. I have a one year old who has been exclusively breastfed he was born as I unfortunately have been unable to express. Every time my ex has seen our child I have been present. Our little one is very clingy and I am currently trying to wean completely off the breast. He has cows milk through the day but still has night feeds and wakes up once through the night for food (both breast feeds) as it’s the only way to get him back down. My ex is pushing on overnights and I just do not feel it’s in our little ones best interest right now as I know he wouldn’t settle without the feed before bed. I have suggested he now spends time with him on his own and that we gradually build on that time so that our little one gets used to me not being there etc and have suggested we review at 18m and if our little one is ready then we should introduce overnights. Am I being reasonable as I am trying to do best for our son and I feel like my ex partner is taking it as a personal dig!

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    I think you’re being very reasonable and making the best decision for your child. Building up contact during the day without you gradually and a review at 18 months is acceptable and pretty much textbook perfect and if he’s still not ready to stay overnight another review date to be set. He really shouldn’t take it as a personal dig at all. Xx

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    to me that sounds reasonable. I went through courts and got to have kids overnight from age 2 and a half.

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    Sounds very reasonable to me . Overnights cant possibly happen as he is still having night feeds . Reviewing at 18 months seems very reasonable  and will come round fairly quickly

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    Liane 245

    I’d Google it.

    I nursed all of mine whilst on the maternity ward in the hospital. None were solely breast fed but they all recieved the colostrum and liquid gold advised by the midwife to aid there development.

    All 3 of mine were walking by 12months so maybe 18months is a bit over???

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