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    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if my husband can force me to sell the family home? We have 2 children together but he left after 20 years together as he was having  a long term affair.  He is currently staying with his parents, but obviously he is going to have to get his own place soon.  He won’t want to rent forever so I am just wondering if he can force me to sell the house or whether me and the children can stay in our family home? Any advice welcome.

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    oh my goodness, I have just signed up to this forum to ask the very same question…. although the situation is different I am at the very early stages of a separation (my husband is still living in our family home). I’ve asked him to move out but he is not making the effort to at all. When we first got together seven years ago his parants paid our deposit on the house (we have since sold and moved into another house).  I know that his primary reason for not moving out is because he doesn’t want to lose the house. I can afford our mortgage repayments and bills. Although I love this house, I do see it as bricks and water… however… I think selling would make it even harder/ more traumatic for our two children (4yrs and 7yrs).

    I hope you find some answers Stars. I am finding this hard enough to go through without my husband having an affair.  Sorry I can’t offer any help…

    biggest hugs

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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