Can my daughter’s father change his mind and go for full custody?

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    It’s about 7 weeks until the hearing to determine my daughter’s future. Her father recently married and his wife despises me, I have no idea why. He’s been having supervised contact at a contact centre but because my little girl was uncomfortable at the last session he decided to no longer pay for the sessions. Cafcass are involved because he was violent during our relationship. But now instead of looking at him and his living arrangements and whether he’s ok for visitation to go ahead the woman from cafcass is asking me personal information. I asked her if he was seeking custody and she said at the moment it was just visitation. Can he change his mind half way through the process and ask for full custody? He previously agreed that out daughter should live with me, but I think his wife is pushing him to go for full custody. Can he do this. Thank you for reading. Any help or advice would be really welcome.

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    He has half parental responsibility he shares the same amount of rights as yourself.
    hiwever. Is having contact in a contact centre fir a reason.
    he can ask the courts at anytime to change the living arrangements of your child but it’s unlikely the courts would remove a child from a stable environment.
    he would have to discredit you to be able to excersise his PR

    He may try through the courts. But they won’t take your child from you on his or his wife’s say so.

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