Can I transfer the mortgage i currently have to another property?

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    I wanted to move but not sure if i can transfer my mortgage to another property at the same value of my current house..

    I was on a zero hour contract and at the moment with the lockdown i havnt got a great income.

    Has anyone transferred or would i need to sell and do everything from scratch.

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    I think I’d definitely go straight to the experts on this one.

    Call your current mortgage provider and a range of other providers too. Someone like Martin Lewis may also know

    Equally, there may be advice on the Gingerbread main page

    Good luck!

    Becky x

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    Hiya thanks hun, i called them last week but they said they arnt dealing with this sort of stuff at the moment. 🙄

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    Hello I understand there is a stall with all housing moves so if sales are not completing I’m guessing they are not processing mortgages etc either and if short staffed perhaps can’t take enquiries.  However just to give u hope I did exactly this. Had mortgage with high street bank and when I moved I bought new place for same amount as the one I sold and did not need any extra money borrowed on top and they just changed the property address on the mortgage and it made no difference to the actual loan. I would search through their website incase there are faqs already answering it. You could search change address on mortgage or change property or change security… I don’t think they would call it transferring mortgage which is what u have called it. That usually means remortgaging. Getting a new mortgage deal on your existing property. So if you search that you won’t find the answer u want. Try changing what you search for. And I would try an online chat with your mortgage provider or email enquiry or another helpline… although they might not action anything now they will know the answer to your question so if you get the right person on the phone u might get the info.  If you have a phone number on your mortgage statement the one you would call to make a direct payment to them or discuss a missed payment etc I would try that team. They will be more helpful and more likely to know. I also had changed job so didn’t want to reapply. Wish you all the best x

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    Aww thankyou so much for your advice. Really usefull xx

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