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    Just wondered if anyone has ever been successful in taking a non paying parent to court and how to go about it.

    my 3 children’s father has not made any contact with his children for over 3 years now. He was paying CMS but that has since stopped. He is a collection agent for the CMS ironically enough so he knows all of the loop holes!
    im trying to not let the situation overtake me as I get stressed so just accept that the CMS aren’t going to help.
    just wondering if there is another way!

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    I know how it feels and it took me some month to get the money for our child. I didn’t do it the usual way but it was successful anyway. Try contacting his employer. If you have anything in writing about the money he should pay, somehow some employers don’t like to employ people who do not pay their fair share of child maintenance. It has been in my case and I am quite sure  you should find some open doors as well. But be careful not to blackmail him. Just get in touch with a letter and friendly ask if there is any chance they can deduct the money of his wages. They probably can’t but will have a word with him   anyway as when it goes to court  and they are obliged to take the money off, they have a liability.

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    Hi sirtobi

    thanks for that insite. I delayed going to CMS I. The first place because of his job! as he told me that he would loose it if they knew he wasn’t paying as a registered bailiff they would take his licence. I found out this was just another form of control and untrue. I wonder how they would react considering his job! Suppose I have nothing to loose.

    thankyou again


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