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    Hi, new to this, 1st post, sorry if its wrong

    Basically very short, my husband cheated, i Found out, we tried for 5 years to make it work,i forgave, but couldn’t forget,the last year of that I decided I’d had enough, i moved out Jan 2017, lived with parents for 9 weeks, then i rented for 18 months, he struggled financially, so I was trying to help,but I ended up struggling so i moved back in with my parents in Sept 2018,im still here, he lives in our mortgage house, (long story,I tried todo he right thing as he has no family to help), I’ve met someone new, he is on gf no.4 who lives in another country (yeah gonna work) I just want to get him out my life, we are locked in our mortgage till may 2019 (counting the days now) but . . . . CAN I DIVORCE NOW! or have I got to wait till we’ve sold the house,or I buy him out?

    Very short version

    Ps. My children are 17 and 15

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    Hi. I would say, you can start divorce now. It takes ages to happen anyway and by that time you should have sorted out what your doing re the house or st least it can be put in the financial part of the divorce so it is legally binding. Paul

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    You can start divorce proceedings whenever, get some advice when it comes to the reasons though it’s not always straight forward.

    Financial separation can’t be done till after the divorce but splitting the assets will be done as part of it. Some solicitors will give you a free advice session so check if you can get that

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    Hi Daisydook

    I hope you’re having a good weekend.

    With regards to the financial settlement it’s better to resolve before the absolute is granted. It’s  cleaner and ties everything up perfectly. This is exactly what I did and was able to mentally walk away with everything sorted and able to move on.

    Also, you have 1 Year max to apply for the Absolute after the Nisi is granted

    I wish you all the best

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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