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    Midlands mom


    I separated from my husband of 27 years and left our family home due to his drinking and domestic violence, 2 years ago. We have 4 children and they live with me. When we left, I always had every intention of going back as I thought he would sort his drinking out and he promised he would.

    For the past year of so, we have been trying to work it out. We lived separately but I have always tried to make us a family again. A few weeks ago I recieved divorce papers from him and he has used, being separated for 2 years, the reason for divorce. I never wanted one and have always made it clear to him. Only up until a few months ago we were still moving back.

    I don’t want a divorce but he clearly does. So I won’t contest it, but I do not agree with his reason because its not true.

    I’m worried I have to agree to this, because if I contest his reason, I will have to pay for it. He doesn’t support me financially, so I am claiming as a single parent on universal credit.

    Please, any advice would be appreciated

    Thank you

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