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    I have separated from my partner and I need to move out. However I don’t have any income of my own. Does anyone know if I can apply for benefits while we are still living together? I can’t kick him out as he has nowhere to go and council won’t help me and kids as we aren’t homeless. I don’t know where to turn but I do know that I need money any advice would be great!

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    Hi there

    Don’t forget that you can always contact our single parent helpline.  They should be able to explore your options.  Here are their details:

    Kind regards, Justine

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    Yes you can speakcwith citizens advice they told me to get on with it takes 5 weeks to get childmaintenice though

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    Hi. I’m pretty sure you can. While I was going through separation with my ex, I applied for Universal credit as a single parent. I was in the process of moving out and selling our home and we were obviously sleeping in separate bedrooms etc. But I was eligible for UC.

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    I’ve just been through the exact same thing! Broke up but we have a joint tenancy so still have to live together!

    Rang UC as we had a joint claim. Started a single claim no problem! Just make it clear you’re living in the same house BUT you’re not in a relationship and live as 2 separate people. You share time in the front room, cook meals separately and in separate bedrooms.
    I claim child benefit for all 5 children so I claim the child allowance on UC. Half the rent cost and my single person allowance.
    He set up a single claim. Single person allowance and housing allowance for half the rent.
    Don’t let them tell you it’s not allowed or possible! I spoke to 3 different UC advisors on the phone when making my changes and got different advice each time! Lucky I got more opinions because they gave me the wrong advice initially and I would have been underpaid £300! And the payment wouldn’t have been paid on time if at all.

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