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    My husband walked out on our marriage without warning 2 months ago.  He is now saying he wants 50:50 access to kids.  I have been their constant care giver whilst he worked all hours.  People keep telling me he won’t get it but I’m terrified of him doing this.  My kids are my world and I’ve always been there for them whilst he has worked. Why does he suddenly after 13 years want this now?  He also won’t have to pay me any maintenance and he’s not short of money.

    Has this happened to anyone else? I thought it was his initial bargaining tool and I want back with every other weekend, one night in the week and as and when it suits us both in between. I don’t feel like this was unreasonable.

    I feel like I’m being punished when I have done nothing wrong and he’s trying to take everything from me.  I caught him having an affair and then he left.

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    You’re not being unreasonable, he obviously thinking more about the cash than the kids.  My ex demanded the same thing and after suffering years of him picking up and dropping off when he pleased and his threats of dragging me to court I took him to court in March to sort it all out. My ex husband wanted 50/50 and in the end i agreed to two nights consecutive nights in the week and every other weekend.  School holidays to be sorted between us.   He thought he wouldn’t have to pay any maintenance but it only got reduced by £80 a month, he’s livid but cms assessed him and have a copy of the court order so hard luck.  I’d go to the child maintenance service and get him properly assessed for maintenance, let them decide not him.

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    50/50 is not very common particularly if there is any conflict between parents. You’ve offered a very generous contact arrangement. I may sound presumptuous here, but sounds as if he is not child focussed. Hope all is well x

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