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    I work full time- 6 days on, 4 off. At present I work 7am-16:00.

    My 2 children aged 3 and 2, currently live with their mother. However, I am worried that she cannot financially support them- as she does not work, and is always spending money on her hair being done, yet there is never food in.

    Whilst she is unemployed, she is, ‘self employed’ – making sexual content for online subscribers. I am not comfortable with ym children living with her whilst this is on going. I just do not think it is right.


    I don’t want to plow thousands into trying to get custody of my children, if it will be thrown in my face. I want overall custody, but still happy for the children to see my ex partner (their mother), on a 50/50 basis.


    I was put off due to the fact, I work, and financially I may not get much support due to my wage. However, on the grand scheme, that Is something small, and my children come first.

    Has anybody been in a similar situation, who is a father, and managed to get the court to give them custody? I am aware of the usual bias in favour of the mothers…

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    Alos, If I earn £25,00 p/y before tax/pension. What exactly would I be entitled to in terms of benefits, free nursery hours etc?

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    I’d like to be honest and reading this made me feel uncomfortable.
    you don’t have to be well off to give a child what they need, which is mainly love, emotional support and structure.

    im a working mum, as a waitress 21 hours a week and benefits too my wage up. For 12 months I was relying on benefits and sporadic maintenance payments. Dad has no contact his choice. Before I had my child I was a graphic designer hitting your current wage.

    I personally think if you want to go for 50/50 custody or full custody, you really need to look at and consider your current hours of work and possibly job! I took a huge hit being a professional well paid employee in a job I loved and was good at and trained for, to a waitress and there is nothing wrong with that! I love it! Such a sociable job for a single mum with no down time!  I’m happy and my child still gets a mum that parents her as well as working.

    I kinda got the feeling that you’ve heard on her top up income of “sexual content” maybe a hearsay? Maybe not?

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    Laurence, perhaps look at it another way. Your ex works from home so she can be there for her children. They have no idea what she does so it’s not really relevant as long as they are safe & well cared for.

    Your eldest will start school in a year or so. How would you do school run if you start work at 7am?  You would either have to change job or pay a carer to do school run, when your ex is available to do it already

    Why don’t you offer to have your children more on your days off and build up your share of access gradually?

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