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    Hello, does anyone have any knowledge re how CMS can trace parents. I have applied last week after a number of years and unsuccessful attempts to get maintenance,  and provided my child’s fathers date of birth, full name, contact mobile number and employer, but I do not have an address for him. I was contacted today by the CMS this afternoon who were really unhelpful and said they would find it very difficult to trace him without an address which I have no way of obtaining as he is refusing to communicate with me. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Hi Juliette,

    I had the same problem five years ago, he was self employed too so i had no work address,  about 3months after i applied they traced a bank account for him and i started getting regular payments. It then stopped for a year. He then signed on with the job centre and now i get the great £29.67 a month.

    Good luck hopefully they will sort it out for you with the info you have given


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    I was in a similar situation 4 months back , all I knew was his NI number and date birth and full name details .they did ask me about his current address but I didn’t have that and till date I haven’t got it .but they were able to trace it ( may be from the NI and mobile no )  It took them just a week To trace and contact and they directed him to pay monthly.


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    Hi All, I actually had thousands of pounds written off as they wrote to me saying unless I could provide them with any further information regarding my Sons mothers address they would have to write off 15 years worth of non-payment. As I have no idea where she is now there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. However I have two other children from a separate relationship that I have to pay out for which I obviously don’t begrudge but paying out and getting nothing in for so many years while trying to give my son the best life I can has taken its toll. He is 16 now and we have never been able to afford to go on a proper holiday. Tried to send him to work down pit but apparently that’s not a thing any more for some reason!?

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    Thanks guys, unfortunately I do not have his NI number but I do have his date of birth and current employer so I was hoping that would be enough.

    As for holidays, I think those are a thing of the past for us now!!

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