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    Hi there,

    I’m new here. I’m a 34yr old, single dad to a little girl who is nearly 4. I separated from my wife last March, my decision, after realising I was no longer happy and have been staying at my parents house whilst I get things in order. My little girl stays with me 8 nights out of 14 and me and her mum are very amicable. She has been seeing someone new for the past 10 months and seems happy and I am happy for her and makes me feel justified knowing she is now happier but at the same time I get days of regret even though I know we could never work because of how we both think and feel about different things now.

    I guess the reason I am here is that I was so wrapped up in the bubble of my relationship/marriage that I lost all friendships I previously had and am now finding this a very lonely experience. I feel embarrassed by the situation and ashamed to try and talk about it with colleagues and family seeing that so many other people are single parents not by choice and through some rather horrendous circumstances.

    We met when I was 23 and she was 18 and at that time we wanted the same things and to do them the same way but as time went on I found myself wanting different things out of life and we changed as people into 2 incompatible beings. It seemed we constantly bickered about what we should do to the point we ended up doing nothing instead of living life. We would have a heart to heart every 2/3 months in the last few years of the relationship but always said we’d give it another shot for out little girl but it always reverted to the same unhappiness. A few months before I ended it, it all got too much and combined with other things that had gone on in my life made me feel the only way out was to end my life. Fortunately I was saved and after a year of struggling through by myself now see somebody every week. However single parenting is a lonely experience and I’d really like to engage and chat with others that can relate in any way especially anybody from the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk areas but anybody who wants a chat or has advice/wisdom to Offer please get in touch.

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    Hi LD, not yet in that situation but will be soon (once partner leaves) and its th elonliness that I am dreading. Will try and see my little girl as much as possible but the nights when I don’t have her will be heartache.

    I’m not close to you at all (Northumberland) but may take up your offer to chat nearer the time partner leaves for any advice you may have 🙁

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    Hi yas i from cambs, single dad to a 2 year old, had bad break up, now trying to rebuild meself and damn it lonely, lost all me friends, all i live for is the days when i have me daughter.

    give me a shout if you still on the forums

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