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    Hi I’m a dad of 2 girls 8 and 5 I split with there mum nearly 2 years ago.i have shared care but my ex has been mentally abusive to my children.she has a stay in boyfriend whom she has told them to call him dad or they are punished advice please.

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    It should be up to the children what they call this other person whether that’s there first name or a variation of dad she shouldn’t bully them into it. How would she feel if you had your children call someone else mum.

    If you have a court order i think you can take it to the judge to outline some boundaries there.

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    I feel with you Dav123.

    Ultimately, you want to resolve things without resorting to Court. I used to get annoyed when reading that, like “you don’t know my ex”, but it’s for your / and your girls’ long term interest, not hers.

    I would suggest a clear emotionless email or conversation (if your relatioship with ex is good enough), and failing that suggesting mediation. Court will now not entertain a case that hasn’t been through mediation (either private or MIAMS).

    There is such a thing as Parental Alenation and there is growing recognition about the marginalisation of the non-resident parent’s role, so if all else fails, Court will try to do what’s right for the kids if it believes they’re being harmed, but be aware that adversarial means often lead to adversarial relationships.


    Good luck.

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    You need lawyer  ….

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