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    Can you choose your own Caffcass officer or do you just get allocated? There are some real horror stories on Facebook about Caffcass officers who do not know about parental allientation and have made bad recomendations to the judge. I need a Caffcass officer experienced in PA in the York area. Any advice please?

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    I have had Cafcass involvement on 2 occasions within the last 3-4years and both Cafcass workers have been allocated to our case. There was no choice. Personally, on both occasions they’ve been great and have been an independent voice for my children. The only frustration has been is that they cite everything as allegations and don’t ask for evidence. So you need to print your evidence and pass it to them, you need to be proactive in building your case. Otherwise it’s your version of events against the other. Keep your evidence factual.

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    We have had a cafcass officer involved in our case. Extremely unimpressed and easily the most incompetent person involved in our affairs (and that includes the magistrates!)

    We had no say as to who it was and as they are totally swamped you are lucky, or unlucky in our case, to get one at all.

    Our cafcass report was basically everything my ex had told him. He didn’t listen to me, the children or their schools.

    I should have known there would be a problem when he introduced himself by saying “children should live with their mammy”. Something he repeatedly uttered during my ‘interview’.

    On a later occasion he contacted my solicitor to ask her if she was still representing my ex!

    These people have a huge influence on what happens to our children so go softly but from what I can tell they employee from the bottom of the barrel.

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    That’s shocking and is just like the other stories I’ve seen on facebook and terrifies me. I’m still at the mediation stage but cafcass is coming next. My husband is allienating my daughter from me and I need a carcass officer who will recognise this. Is there anything I can do?

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