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    Hi all, currently in court proceedings and next stage is Cafacss. It would really help to hear any experience or guidance like what to expect.
    My situation is that since separation and divorce we share our son 60/40. I am now wanting to move in with my partner who lives an hour away. Trying to maintain visitation (suggest one night midweek because son is struggling with switching between us mid week) and keep to alternate weekends already in place and continue to share school holidays. My son tells me he’s happy to move and just wants daddy to agree. His Dad will not believe this is true. No safeguarding issues, or financial issues. Extremely stressed at his proposal of switching access to 70/30 in his favour with only alt weekend access for me.  Not sure what or how cafcass work so any shared experience will be helpful.

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    As long as dad can have your son every other weekend and 1 night midweek , half of the holidays and special days shared thats what they are more than likely to recommend. They will not go for 70-30 in his favor.  I would of thought he may of tried to prevent you from moving with it being a hour away. It depends how many miles away it is i suppose


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    There is a prevention request as part of the process, I’ve had conflicting views on this. Some like yours and some that are ‘it’s only an hour’.
    One hours drive (just over actually)  shouldn’t mean I lose residency though if I’m trying to keep contact in place. It’s 55 miles, however he already travels half hour where we currently are.

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    With it being 55 miles away they are likely to let you move. As its yourself moving you could offer to pick up your son and share some of the handovers.  It may be still possible for ex to do a midweek school run once a week in morning . Or he could pick son up from school and stay local and drop him back at 7ish . With weekend handovers , if it was every other weekend dad could pick son up from school , but you could perhaps pick him back up on the sunday or meet halfway once every 2 weeks around 4/5 ish for example

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    Hi Anon

    I’m Michelle one of the Moderators here. Thanks for posting in the forum. It sounds as though you need professional advice with the query you’ve raised. You can contact the Single Parents Helpline who have good knowledge on this subject.  They should be able to guide you to explore this matter or alternatively signpost you to services who can answer your query in line with current legislation.

    Gingerbread Single Parent Helpline – Freephone 0808 802 0925

    Opening hours:  Mon 10 – 6, Tues 10- 4, Wed 10 – 1 & 5 – 7, Thurs 10 – 4, Fri 10 – 4  They can be busy so callers can expect to wait up to 20 minutes before the call is answered

    As a reminder to all Members, we ask that advice is not instructive.  Whilst sharing personal experiences is acceptable, we often find that directive advice given within the forum, particularly in the legal realm fails to account for individual circumstances and does very often differ significantly from legislation. This risks other Members taking wrong action with regards to their own cases.  Please view the community guidelines below for further details around this issue:

    Gingerbread Forum – user guidelines – Gingerbread

    I hope that helps

    Kind regards


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