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    Bit of background.

    Ex left late last year. Seemed to struggle with remaining amicable with me – was like he hated the fact I was nice to him? Couldn’t reach an agreement about anything, most of the time he wouldn’t discuss anything.

    Was cut off from his whole family. He made false allegations to the police and social services. Kept disappearing and hasn’t seen our child for months. All of a sudden, he puts a court application in asking our child be removed from my care and me denied access or contact. We’re now in the middle of having a section 7 report done.

    He says himself he can’t have our child Monday to Friday and I’m suggesting alternate weekends. CAFCASS won’t find anything, he’s made loads of stuff up to make me out to be unfit.


    Anyone any idea what’s likely to happen? Is there a chance they’ll give him every weekend?

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    The issue with court and CAFCASS, things are very uncertain. Things are up in the air and when you go into that area, you do not know what can happen if you understand. One thing I will say is please get a good representation as they will fight your back.

    I will also say please keep doing what you are doing for your kids as I am in the same situation and my Ex is stating that I am an unfit mother and how I am coaching my daughter. They say loads of these things and I know they are not true but how the court system likes these sorts of things.

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    What age are your children?

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    My ex (abusive) took me to court for thr children, he used my mental health as a hammer and told them he was their primary carer (which was never true).  Unfortunately CAFCASS totally ignored the abuse and focused on the my mental health (which was from the abuse).   When it got to the decision time I put forward the suggestion of alternative weekends – I said that it was important for both parents to get quality weekend time with the kids.  Cafcass were happy with that.  I would be proactive in suggestion what you think is reasonable.

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    My son is almost 3.

    We currently have 2 video calls a week between him and his dad but recently his dad has started to be very difficult when it comes to arranging this. It’s also become blindingly obvious that either he cheated on me/left me for someone or is already in a new relationship which I think he may have lied to CAFCASS about. In fact, he’s lied about most things.

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