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    I was wondering if anyone had experienced a c section and the recovery period when single?

    Currently 32 weeks pregnant and have been advised a planned c section is likely and really starting to worry about being able to manage on my own.

    My parents can support a bit but they both work full time so not all of the time.

    Is it realistic to think I can cope on my own?

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    I found myself on own at 5 months so I moved in with sister as I too was having c section. I stayed until baby was 7 weeks old .it was very hard but they helped me with feeds and you can’t lift anything . I found it hard when I got home but you find an inner strength. My one is 7 years old and I did it all on my own as I got no help from no one when I got home .I went back to work and got childcare organised. I don’t have parents so you are lucky that they can help out


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    I found myself, dad retuning the night before my c-section and disappearing the next day, to the pub for his 2 weeks off  11am-1pm and 3-4 nights leaving for his mums because the baby woke him, when he hadn’t drunk  himself into a mess 🤦‍♀️ He left, as soon as, we registered the birth.
    I was fine, you can do it alone. I however did go into shock 3 days after, felt very cold and shaking. Luckily my mum was next door and I phoned her, I didn’t need to go to hospital and it passed. If you can have someone at the end of a phone call, just in case…..But personally you don’t need someone there and to be honest I wouldn’t have wanted someone with me…. it’s a very strange, emotional, tired time anyone else there  makes it worse xx

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    Hi Pearsandapples,

    Looks like people posting on here had people around, or at least at the end of the phone if they needed help.I had a c-section with a nearly useless man hanging around asking inane questions and generally being immature which was not loads of help, but it is important you are not Completely alone after your baby is born as you may possibly feel suprisingly weak initially.I have been told many times by people who have never had a c-section that it’s ‘no big deal,everyone’s had one’ which is nonsense. It’s considered major abdominal surgery for a reason.And if you bear in mind that after surgery you will have someone else to care for ,then please be practical, yes,you do need someone on standby for a few days after.It can be anyone.Sounds dramatic,it’s not really, but if you really have no one it’s worth seeing if you can pay someone to come check on you etc.Wishing you lots of strength and hoping you feel good💝

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    C section is a big op.i felt sick and vomitting from the medication. In the end I stop taking the pain killers so I could look after my child.i needed help showering . Mysiste helped wash me.  I was glad for someone to make me a meal and bring a cup of tea. I wasn’t producing any milk so baby lost weight and we had Togo to sister and husband took us As I couldn’t stop crying .my sister and her husband bathed the baby and took me to appointment . I could not manage at first .

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    👏Yazminpol thank you for being honest and real! I don’t know why a lot of people think that hiding details and waving it all away with a “you’ve got this” or a “you’ll be great” is ok.It just leaves us feeling like failures when reality happens😯

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    You will struggle if you are on your own.i spoke to people who couldn’t manage either .it does get better, luckily my child is easy to care for and slept through the night. The worst thing is sleep deprivation

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    Hi there, I had an emergency and very much unwanted and unplanned c section 6 weeks ago. FTM and became single whilst pregnant with baby’s father deciding to end his involvement altogether.

    I went home after 24 hours and had my mum stay for just a couple of nights but I didn’t find I needed her, just more that it made me feel reassured (and also fed!) I was physically capable of everything I needed to do (if a little slow!). I think I was quite lucky but my pain had significantly reduced by day 5 and I was out walking to the shop on my own with the pram by then too.

    i think it’s hard to know what you’ll need as everyone’s recovery is different. If you can have some help pre planned it would be a very good idea. If not, prep is key- think about keeping a changing station and having it all set up upstairs and downstairs (if in a house) and having lots of frozen meals you can pop in the microwave. Get the fridge stocked before you go in to hospital for the birth and also lots of paracetamol and ibuprofen at the ready as they really do help to take the edge of the discomfort. getting up off low chairs etc is a little uncomfortable to start with so also have some pillows ready on your sofa for when you get home to help make things a bit more comfortable.

    have you any friends who can pop in after work? You can cope yes, it is realistic- you just do manage somehow. But even if a friend or family member could pop in for an hour after work to let you just shower, have a lie down or even just a bit of adult conversation will make a world of difference.

    Finally, the midwifes In the hospital will discuss your situation before you go hone and if you do have excessive pain and / or are struggling to get about or manage, they will allow you to stay a little longer. Please don’t worry too much

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