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    Hello. I am new here. I have a quick question. I have a C100 form signed 13/11/20. I have read online it is valid for 4 months. I may have miscalculated the expiry  date however as I thought it was 13/11/20 + 4 months = 13/03/20
    but depending on what calculator I use online that can be either 4 months or 4 months + 1 day.
    If I submit C100 today 13/11/20 would a Court say I had missed the 4 month deadline BY ONE DAY and ask me to to go back to mediation


    would they say 13/11/20 + 4 months = 13/03/21(today)

    and allow my application.
    Thanks all.

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    Really hoping someone can help. Thanks.

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    I was having computer issues & my C100 form wouldn’t submit yesterday 12/03/21.

    I can definitely submit today 13/03/21.

    I really hope we (daughters mother & I) don’t have to go back to mediation as that wasn’t very productive at all. I’ve got that sinking feeling may have to though.

    ANY help people can give will be much appreciated.

    Thanks all.


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    I would submit c100 this morning. Your ex refused mediation. Its unlikely they are going to raise an issue over a day due to covid. Whats more of a much important issue is re-establishing contact with your daughter

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    1. Thanks warwickshire1

    Ex didn’t refuse mediation. It broke down. Couldn’t reach an agreement. Did sort of on some things but I only accepted this as contact offered was more than was getting at that time. So want a CAO in place.

    last mediation session was 8 months ago. Stopped due to Covid and no face to face sessions. I had a 2nd signed form from mediators dated 13/11/20.

    contact sounds like restarting on 19/03 unless ex changes her mind.
    Not at the frequency would like  thus applying fir a CAO for stable regular contact with daughter

    Ive had no contact with daughter during all 3 lockdowns.


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    Also applying for a PSO to try stop mother relocating further afield in the UK or to her birth country (not a Hague intervention country).

    Mother moving abroad taking daughter with her is only a possibility not a certainty (I  have legit reasons for thinking she might).

    Just wondering if it’s best to include on c100 as she might move abroad but not 100% sure & she’ll not tell me obviously will she

    Just C100 in itself will annoy her likely. She might stop contact who knows





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    Haven’t submitted C100 yet as concerned about the negative reaction I’ll get from mother and how it will affect daughter.
    I’m convinced once submitted it will turn quite messy.

    Can anyone provide any constructive advice please?l


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    Hi Gary

    I will response soon,

    Thanks Katherine

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    Hi all. I’ve submitted my C100 to Court.
    is it normal to worry that I’ve done the right thing????

    Not started a  sh* t  storm that I can’t stop.

    Mother suggested contact would resume after 3rd lockdown but no guarantee there as she’s said things and later changed her mind.

    I’ve had no actual contact with daughter at all through all 3  Covid lockdowns

    Recently I’ve had a 30 min weekly call with daughter but this is subject to mothers approval eg topics discussed

    Thanks  Just worried. Took me months to submit as I wanted to be sure & now I’m thinking  “I hope I’m doing the right thing”.

    Any advice would be helpful



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    It was obviously a choice of keeping situation as it was or taking a chance to see if you could improve it for yourself.

    They say if you keep on doing what you’re doing,you’re going to keep on getting what you’re getting….

    It was a thought out decision and hopefully will be a step in the right direction to more contact.Ihope it all goes well for you.


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    You are doing the right thing. Its the only way now. She has continued to not allow your child to have a relationship with dad

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    Thanks all for your words of encouragement.

    I was having contact but it was/is very much subject to mothers mood & whether or not she considers I’ve done something she disagrees with. There have been occurrences in the past where I’ve been accused of doing/saying X (when I hadn’t) and it was just mother bring mother making her views very clear in no uncertain terms stopping contact when nothing had even happened she misinterpreted what daughter told her. Likely after some cross-examining by mother. Daughter probably saying what she thinks mother wants to hear. Then it all kicking off for no reason.

    Like I say contact is currently stopped when it is still allowed to happen. Possibility that it will restart 19/03. Court application may stop that (possibly).

    As contact was taking place (is currently by telephone 30 mins weekly) my situation isn’t as bad as many on her provably. So had to think do I need to do anything or continue as am.

    For me having stable uninterrupted contact with daughter would be a big plus.
    instead of it being stopped depending on mothers mood at the time.

    So made my decision to submit bit more difficult as was unsure whether to do something which would possibly make things worse ie no contact at all.

    Fingers crossed everything will go ok and achieve a positive outcome for daughter. Thanks.

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