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    my own children have bullied me and lied that much they have been put on the child protection. But now there is a recovery order out 4 them because they r gettin taken into care. Social servicers have been so quick and they have kept me and my eldest apart as much as they can. It sounds crazy but because their father wants 2 stop the mortgage he’s non stopped caused bother. The judge said 2 pay the mortgage instead of maintenance about 7 years ago in court. And only when our youngest child has left home or finished further education would he stop paying. Now my 2 r gettin took off me because of the kids dad’s and their lies. Now the dad carnt be seen anyway after it was him who signed them in section 20 care. My youngest when he went 2 school done a runner and has been home.witj me ever since. My older 14 year old was more than happy as she was gettin more ir less anythin she wanted. So wrong. My oldest definitely needs checking 4 some form of aspergus or I’d even say narsecis ( is that spelt right?)  a simple thing as brush Ure teeth or tidy your clothes she’d totally lose it and had 2 b in control around the house and has made my life hell and her brother. There is so much more the two have lied that much the social services think iam some kind of woman of the night and drugs barron. It’s a long story but now my girl sent a text 2 her social worker who I really don’t trust anyway sayin she was liein and cos I annoyed her she hit me and her brother. I was delighted she actually told the truth on her own and that must have beeb a big deal and hard 4 her 2 do. But the text got dismissed and it’s not important. I carnt believe it. They have not even questioned her or me about anythin and that’s it. I’ve now got 2 go 2 court and defend my name there must be only 2 things that arnt in my favour that r true and the rest is mind-blowing. Iam at my wits end. I don’t want 2 lose my kids. but4 now there’s nother I can do. I carnt allow them 2 go under thr totally wrong reasons so they have been staying here and goin off so they carnt b found of a day. It’s awful. They haven’t been nice at all 4 a long time. It’s the dad and his mother who have put things in their heads. Which isn’t fair. All 2 course trouble. But this is ridiculous. So now he will stop paying.the the mortgage and I loose my kids (4 the time Bein) and my home. Y carnt the social services c this 4 what it is and they were quick enough 2 believe my.kids whopper lies so y won’t they at least look into this. I’ve pleaded my innocent since day 1 but it’s just got out of hand now. Scared and confused y my own kidd have done this 2 me and seem 2 think me cryin is a joke. I’ll c my solicitor on Tues but I carnt believe my own kids have done this 2 me.

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