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    Evening folks,

    Hope you’re all well.

    Im just after ame opinions really. Im 39wks pregnant and my relationship has completely broken down, so looks like I will be a single parent. Im trying to work out my budget so as to make sure LO and I are ok.

    Unless something goes really wrong, my ex will be paying maintenance. And I’m planning on going back to work full time with some work from home days.

    The only benefit I’ll be entitled to will be child benefit.

    At the moment I’m holed up in my parents spare room and will be for my maternity leave, but when Back at work I should be able to afford to privately rent a flat for us.

    My question is about disposable income. At the moment it’s looking like I will have around £500 a month disposable – this is after rent, CT and utilities, childcare and commute costs, plus a loan repayment I have.

    So this £500 will be for groceries, toiletries and clothes for us both, toys, petrol, any days out and fun stuff etc.

    Is this realistic do you think? Sorry to sound a bit clueless, but I’ve never had to budget quite like this before!


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    Haha! I wouldn’t eat caviar out of principle anyway so no danger there! 😉


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    I have always budgeted for things. I think I have done quite well. I look for deals online, pricematch and swapped to cheaper brands. Use toy librays, and fb for baby clothes/toys.With my eldest we had money, so bought the whole lot with out thinking really. Now my youngest still looks smart, with bundle buys and swaps from friends etc.  She now to be honest has more clothes than ever with out buying to many things. Use topcashback to get money back amd keep a running list of what comes in and what’s left every time you spend no matter how much write it down you’ll  soon change spending habits.bulk buy certain items and like the person before said limit driving to places so it’s all in one trip. Baby groups are good as for 2quid you get 2 hrs of friendship, tea and cake!! I have 3 kids new to being single. But it has to work. Good luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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