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    Bubble definitions are really stressing me out.

    I’ve been on my own with the kids for months and am desperate for help with childcare so i cant work more effectively, so great i can now ask my parents to be in my bubble.

    The kids dad who lives with his parents (so not on his own and has inbuilt childcare) is saying his girlfriend who is a single parent wants to be in a bubble with him. He doesnt help look after her children and my children dont even know she exists and he calls her a ‘recent girlfriend’.

    My parents (over 70) are saying they dont think he is allowed to create a bubble with his girlfriend and if he is allowed/does (because she has children that then go to another household) then they won’t be in my bubble as they are not comfortable with extending the bubble further.

    I really need the help, but have no idea whether ex is allowed to be with his girlfriend and if he is and goes to see her, where does that leave me?

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    Hi backontheshelf

    He is allowed to create a bubble with his girlfriend as long as it is only her and children under 18 in the household, as she will fall under the single parent rule and can therefore pair up with another household.

    That is assuming the other household that her children go to is that of their dads, as children are allowed to go between parents. If they go to another household that is say her parents then that is effectively their bubble then they are not allowed to form another bubble.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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