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    just wanting some advice or to see if people are in the same situation and how you cope with it.

    i have a beautiful 6 year old boy who is my life, i have been divorced from his dad for 5 years (5 years yesterday i found out he was cheating) and ive had a bad relationship for last year and half- ended within last month but was fairly on and off but my son was unaware, just used the excuse he was working if we didnt see him for a week or so. In truth i was being gaslighted by him so im better off without.

    my reason for this post is broodiness though, how do you cope? Im desperate for another baby and a “core family”, my sisters just had a baby and  im very happy for her but its so hard. I have no memory from the first 6 months of my sons life except for the day he got a diagnosis at 10days old that he has a rare condition as the rest of the time was surviving and keeping him alive so i feel robbed.
    is anyone happy with just the one child? Thank you for reading

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    I see myself as only having 1 child. He is 3 and half and I find it tough enough his father isn’t involved so I also want to solely focus on him. Plus I don’t have a boyfriend anymore so haha no more children for me

    I think I need a calm year been so full of negativity and stress think I couldn’t cope with anymore

    Your deffo better off if he was making too many excuses. It happens unfortunately but don’t lose hope. Your doing great

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    I come from a broken family and I found it difficult and very lonely. I do have a sister but our relationship is non existant she’s selfish and takes no responsibilty for her actions. I’ve always wanted a big family for those reasons and many more.

    I found when I became a parent we were figuring things out for ourselves and then I became a single parent, so just when I thought I had it made and all set out I found myself in a position I never wanted to be in.

    All I ever wanted was a big family and now it seems so far off somewhat impossible.

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    The world’s full of sad,lonely,neglected children.

    Maybe you could adopt some.

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    I’m a single mum, 39 with a 16 month old. I’m the same, I’d really like that ‘core family’ I feel too old and tired to have more children and realistically know I am probably a long way off the kind of relationship with a man that I’d actually want to bring another child into.

    I’m mean never say never but at the same time I’m incredibly grateful for one child and we all have to grieve not having more children at some point whether that’s one child or we’ve got 15! I think for me it’s more about wanting a secure supportive family unit. I hope I can get there with this one day tho I’m sure it’s not going to look like I imagine! Maybe I’ll have step children one day to add to my family or maybe I’ll foster. Or maybe just the one!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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