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    Hi all,  it’s day 10 since I found out my husband of 22 years (28 together) has been having an affair. This is his second affair. He also had one 11 years ago but we worked hard on our marriage at the time and stayed together.

    I’m currently at rock bottom, can’t sleep, can’t eat and feel totally lost.

    I feel like my whole world has collapsed and so scared about the future.

    Friends and family have been amazing but I still feel so lonely.

    luckily I have a good job so financially I will be ok.
    My youngest daughter aged 15 has taken it really badly and seeing her heart breaking is unbearable.

    I know time is a healer and I can’t live in self pity.

    I’d welcome on advice to help me move on.

    Thanks for listening.








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    You will get over this. You will get stronger. Move forward knowing you deserve a loyal partner. It’s really hard to feel the hurt and pain right now. Time does heal I promise you. Meet like minded people and pull those who help close. Look inward now, focus on you and your children. Message me any time x

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    Hi Me

    I am wholehartedly with you.

    I understand how helpless you can feel.  It is very difficult to accept betrayal by the person in whom you had put all your trust.


    Time will ease the pain.



    (Bonjour Me,

    Je suis de tout cœur avec vous.

    Je comprends à quel point tu peux te sentir désemparée. Il est très difficile d’accepter la trahison par la personne en qui on avait mis toute sa confiance.

    Le temps atténuera la souffrance .


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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