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    im new, please be patient.

    my husband left just over a year ago just before Christmas leaving me with a 7 year old boy and his 2 step daughters.
    Not only was I broken hearted but so were my girls. They have very little contact with there biological and he was there dad to them. They cried every night and had no contact with him. All the attention from my ex was on our little boy, he was fine so yo speak but the teenage girls suffered. He also has 2 other teenage daughters we would see every weekend, this stopped. Luckily I am on good terms with there mum and I am still able to see them. My little boy only sees them with me. This breaks my heart as we were a large family. Now both of my daughters have gone to university leaving just me and the 7 year old. I’m totally lost. I saw us growing old together etc

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    sorry to hear that, it must be terrible for the kids as well as you. Have you tried reaching out to your husband and encouraging him to see the kids? other than this I don’t think there is much that can be done. Family courts can not force a parent to see their children. It’s hard but if your relationship with him is over, you have to accept that and try to move on, rebuild your life.

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