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    Hi guys,

    I’m currently 6 months pregnant and found my boyfriend messaging another woman on Instagram trying to take her on dates i don’t believe this is a one off and hes come home drunk&wasted at 6am a few times now since I’ve been pregnant&is irrational and unbearable to deal with on those days and following days. At first I thought I could get over the heartbreak for our little girl. I left and came home but I honestly am still so angry 2 weeks on I cant even be in the same room as him anymore he make me physically sick.I Just want him to leave the flat hes a complete gas lighter hes making my pregnancy un bearable and I’ve lost all trust respect and to be honest love for him.I need to get him to move out ive moved from loving him to hating him in 2 weeks since I found out how could he do this whilst im carrying his little baby?.I’ve paid all bills and rent since we moved in and his mum helped with the deposit but ive paid some of that back and hes paid her nothing and half of what he owes me easily covers the balance for him to return so technically this is my flat. Any suggestions on next moves as I really need to get him out and re rent a cheaper place I can afford on my own as I’m trying to save but all currently all my salary is going on bills and rent here a d obviously bits for babe and hes not contributed its like a free hotel to him.

    Many thanks B Xx

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    I really feel for you, I’m in a similar situation where I’m trapped in a home and also don’t know what to do.  I suppose the question is can you easily move?   Or is the lease on your name?   Or both your names?

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    Hi BethLondon86

    I’m Michelle one of the Moderators here in the forum.  I’m sorry to hear that your managing such difficult circumstances, but it’s great that you’re making use of this space and getting some support.

    There’s some information here within the Gingerbread site about housing, and you might find some of the information useful.  Here’s a link to those pages:

    Your housing rights when you separate – Gingerbread

    I hope that helps a bit

    Kind regards


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    Oh no mum2b1g I am sorry to hear that 😩 are you doing ok?,its in both our names and stupidly ive agreed to cover all costs of the flat as he couldn’t get credit check passed so now everything unfortunately is my responsibility.Im hoping I can find somewhere cheaper and get this place re rented but its going to be a while and bills and rent is expensive in London but I need to be here for work at least until mat starts!-sending love and light i hope you are safe?Xxx

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    Just wanted to say, I’m sorry your in this situation that Unfortunately so many of us seem to end up in! what a B to do it whilst your pregnant.

    First port of call would be to explain your situation to the lettings agent/ landlord. Could u prove your paying it all to them? Once speaking to them speak to midwife, ask if she can write a letter to your landlord/ lettings agent. The stress is no good for you and baby.

    It’s sound like you will be better off without him. Don’t do anything or give him anything, you owe him nothing.

    here if you’d like to chat. Take care of yourself and baby.



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    Beth london86


    im in a very similar situation 6 months pregnant he goes out gets drunk with friends until what time he wants threatens me I’m not aloud to talk to male friends on my phone or he snatches it or threatens to talk to women which he does anyway. He has a hostel but staying at mine lost his job so doesn’t contribute to rent electric gas wifi or food and plays ps5 and  goes out with his friends and gets drunk and goes to house party’s. And he can become very abusive and threatening at times and his actions tell me he’s cheating caught a female calling him 6am when he got in at 3.30am that mornin from a party so Yh I’ve finally said enough is enough and today he has taken his things I can’t cry anymore or hurt anymore. Not to mention my mum passed last year and he still treats me disgustingly I had enough so he took all his things and he’s off gone back to his hostel. But been calling throwing abuse ever since he left. Ignoring phone calls now. Stress during pregnancy is not good at all I’ve been through too much. So I can relate

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    Wow Live2fightanotherday I feel awful for you this man simply sounds horrific 😢 💔 I’m sorry you are going through such an awful time honey…feel free to PM me if you need to chat sending love and light Xx

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