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    Hi all,


    I am wondering what your views are on the current appointment of Boris Johnson as PM.

    His record on adultery and women is of great concern.


    My local MP takes delight in tweeting about Boris when I have raised concerns to him and Gingerbread have told me over the phone along with The Children’s Commissioner office that they are not willing to acknowledge or do anything about his appointment. I find this disturbing as organisations who are supposed to represent the welfare of children and parents (some of whom have been left high and dry ) to raise children on their own.

    When organisations are funded by Boris’s government they are unlikely to want to rock the boat, are they?




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    Hi disillusioned.

    I’m Justine one of the moderators here at Gingerbread.  Thank you for your comments.  This forum is here to connect parents and to facilitate conversation between single parents. I hope you are able to continue to use the forum in order to make these connections. For future reference, we don’t normally allow newspaper articles to be printed in the community.  Here is a link to our guidelines for your reference:

    Have a good day, Justine

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    It isn’t a newspaper link. It is a collection of pieces from several online sources.


    I would still like to hear peoples views. It is a shame you didn’t give your view whilst you were making a response. As somebody yourself who works for this board, I would like to hear your view.

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    Hi Disillusioned.

    The link directs you to daily mail page which as Justine rightly pointed out is a newspaper article.

    I’m not quite sure how your post is helping us single parents to support each other, if anything it is doing the opposite as it’s inviting people to state their political preferences when the one thing that unites us is single parenthood not politics.

    Personally I have lost faith in all of the political elite, left wing, right wing they are all as corrupt and out of touch with the real world as each other.

    I’m sure that there are many places your political rant would be more at home at. Having a pop at gingerbread when they do so much good work is uncalled for and unnecessary.

    I’m rather surprised gingerbread  allowed your inflammatory post to remain, hopefully they will shut it down sooner rather than later.

    Have a nice day


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    Personally, I like Gingerbread’s forum because it is an escape for the political squabbling and name calling that happens on other forums. At the moment I can listen to Solo’s or Bluebird’s views without knowing their Brexit views.  Gingerbread is a refuge in more ways than one.

    If I want to argue politics, there are plenty of other places I can go.

    And yes, I know I could just ignore the topic…..

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    I certainly don’t want to talk politics here, but there is an interesting issue implicit in this thread.

    How does our society view single parents? What is the stigma attached to those who walk out on their kids vs the stigma attached to the parent who fulfills their responsibilities and cares for the children?

    As I understand it, in years gone by a British PM having extra marital affairs and children would have been scandalous, while in some countries it was the expected norm for powerful men. What is the culture shift taking place in British values around single parenthood?

    Does becoming a single parent give you any fresh perspective personally?

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    Hi Red23,

    I like your post and would love to chat about it, perhaps you could start a new thread as your questions are relevant to us all. The op has a different agenda which isn’t in line with your post so a new thread would be great.



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    Thanks Mark 🙂

    I might just do that, if I can figure out an appropriate starting point…-?-

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