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    bored and fed up married male looking for chat.

    Married 13 years with 3 children. Feeling bored and unhappy and dont know what to do for the best. I have tried talking to wife but everything turns into an argument.  I tend not to say anything and just ride it out.

    Wife cant see theres anything wrong or more like wont take blame for anything. So i wonder if its just me.

    Been sad and unhappy for few years i have thought about divorce but i dont want to upset the kids or i wouldnt know how to leave for the best. As wife is not very corresponding i dont know what the best way would be to tell her

    Thanks for reading all. Any messages are much apprieciated.


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    Is the problem that your wife is so absorbed in looking after three children, that she doesn’t have time for anything new?
    apportioning blame won’t help.

    Have you tried taking over on a Saturday, home cooking with the children or taking them cycling while she has a few hours to herself. Most people just need a break to start to feel a bit more relaxed and positive.

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    I question the wisedom of a married man coming on a single parents support site in the hope of getting some sympathy.

    I think you should be putting lots of effort into your marriage instead of complaining about being bored or your wife and perhaps even yourself might end up for real on here, broken, lonely and having to fight your ways thru a divorce that can take years to recover from.

    Stop thinking about yourself so much and think about others for a while.

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    Hi James,

    If your bored and unhappy then you need to make a decision as your unhappiness will rub off on others. Youve got to be in it 100%  or out. You may want to look  at ways that you can improve your marriage ? Great advice above regarding helping out. Most people on this forum will be either divorced or seperated so it would be hard for any of us to give you advice on your own marraige as we dont know you and your circumstances well enough but i think we would all agree that sometimes in life tough decisions are called for. I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do. Just choose.

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    Hi all

    Thank you for all chatting here on the forum.  I would like to remind everyone about our guidelines.  In our forum guidelines we strongly encourage parents to ‘Take a non-judgemental approach to other users to facilitate connection and support.’  Its important that the forum is kept as a friendly place.  A potential separation can sometimes  take time and I’m sure others here will be able to support where needed.

    Kind regards, Justine

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    Hi James

    life is hard but as your hanging in there that’s good .

    You should try to do things that your wife likes to do too ask her and take the kids out with her too Also get the kids to stay with friends or relatives one wknd and take her out to her favourite place it will put the spice back in to both of your lives .

    We single woman on here can not judge anyone but can always be happy for others and be happy that all couples try to work it out with each other esp if kids are involved as it’s sooo hard and very painful for kids and the parents .being a single parent is the hardest thing ever .

    Good luck hope you can sort it out .


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