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    How do people adjust when they suddenly find themselves without their children.

    I have 3 children by 2 mums, 2 girls I see every other weekend end and a little boy I normally have every weekend but that’s changed to 3 out of 4 weekends now. Problem is I feel like I am so out of the loop that I am almost scared to even venture out, too scared to socialise because i dont know how to do it. I am so used to spending time with the kids that this is no longer a part of who i am.

    How have other people overcome this what may seem to be an irrational fear?

    Sorry if this sounds really stupid.

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    Hello there, no doesnt’ sound stupid at all, and I don’t think it is irrational.

    Ages of your kids sound a lot younger than mine, but if you ask me it is a case of habit.

    I think people get out of the habit of knowing what to do with social situations.

    So the answer to that is to practice.

    How about a gbrad local group?

    Main thing is, to start somewhere. Something you enjoy that you had forgotton about…

    Some try dating sites, I’m not a fan myself, but as long as someone can handle it and stay safe don’t see there is anything wrong with trying.

    Otherwise evening classes?

    College course?

    good luck


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    Hi jj, thank you for your words, appreciate it. My kids are 9, 13 and 5 and because of anxiety from separation and divorce I kind of feel that I have lost myself and just become dad all the time. It was very difficult with having children from my marriage when i separated from my little boys mum as she didn’t really like my ex wife or my girls that much so that’s how i first ended up with all my time taken up with the kids – not that I would change them for the world, they are amazing.

    How do you find the local GB Groups? Strangely I remember my mum was in a GB Group as a single mum with me. How things come around.


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    To be honest I haven’t tried attending a GB group yet. We are in South West England I just looked today and there is one in a ten mile radius was thinking about it.

    all best


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    Thought I might join the closed WhatsApp group first as an inbetween step as local group still not easy to get to for me


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