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    Just finished OTHER HALVES  which was thought provoking  I will pick some more by the same author.

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    Portugal sounds lovely! Hope you have a well deserved break and lots of fun. We won’t be going away this year but we will enjoy our time at home.I will try and organise holidays when they are older. I don’t have permission to go abroad as I’m not in contact with my ex. But we will explore UK with our dogs.


    I’m so glad I was prompted to start reading again! Thank you!

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    Honestly, with the way the weather is shaping up (and even if it wasn’t) I actually see NO reason to leave the UK on holiday…not least cos it really reduces your carbon footprint, watch ‘Our Planet’ folks, we don’t have much time to turn s*** round and save the planet for our kids!!! xxx – I can recommend some great places (although I only travel with 1 kid, not pets) especially if your kids like zoos…we’ve been touring zoos for the past 3 years now, all by public transport too.

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    Hi All,

    Just read your thread and I would love to join in with your book club. Can you recommend and good reads??


    Thanks Spirit

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    Hi Spirit

    So glad you have joined us. What is your favourite style of books? Classics, biographies, adventure?

    Sue 😀

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    Hello All,

    I am a bit of a bookworm but I have this thing of reading more than one book depending on the time of the say and mood. My current list is:

    1) mindfulness on the go – great book for those who want to learn about meditation

    2) the single mum’s wish list – fun and emotional story

    3) a column of fire – 4th book of the pillars of the Earth saga.

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    Yeah I usually do that more read more than one at the same time. I’m on holiday next week so wont be doing that much reading 😀

    All sound like a really good mix of books

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    Enjoy your holidays!!! You may have mentioned and I missed it but, where are you going?? I’m jealous😁😁

    I will be working all half term but at least my mum will be around to help me cope with the boys and studies. Got to love that woman.


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    Spirit – what genre do you like? I seem drawn towards thrillers and have found some un-put-downable books in The Works for £2. I also love anything by Teryy Pratchett.

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    Hi all

    Apologies for interrupting, but it has been lovely to see how this thread has been developing.  Some of you already know but we have a Friday night social thread which has similar elements.  So I have a question for you all.  Technically, is there something that Gingerbread could do to help this thread flow better?  Please let me know through either messaging me direct or emailing me at  Please let me know your thoughts and have a good evening.


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    Hello everyone

    Sorry I haven’t been on here much I’ve been on holiday.

    I know a few people have mentioned about us starting a new thread due to the amount of replies.

    I would like to keep it here because each time someone replies it makes it more likely that more people will see it.

    Like Justine said, any suggestions will be most welcome.

    Enjoy your evening 😀

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    Many thanks for your time tonight Sue running the quiz.

    The Creative corner room is up and ready.  Hope it goes well for you 🙂

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    Thank you so much Welshdad 😀

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    Welshdad has kindly offered his site nighthawkscafe as an addition to our beloved Gingerbread site.

    So far there are five rooms set up including Gingerbread chat, Friday Night social and now a creative corner for literature.

    Please visit us and see what you think

    Hope to see you there!

    Sue 😀 xx

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    Hi all.  You guys make this forum a great place and we are keen to retain all of you.  Having asked for feedback around technical support, we’re now looking at the introduction of a separate social sub thread to add to the forum.  Please keep a eye out for further developments. Justine

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