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    Hi everyone,

    My bitter ex was pregnant when she kicked me out but has told our other children that daddy has left them, my children were coming to me and staying through the holidays overnighy when we first split but once my ex knew I wasn’t returning to the family home that’s when the bitterness came out, she has told the children about all the email exchanges stating where they can and can’t go, she stopped sleepovers for no reason. I was giving her money every month based on the time I was having them. I am going through the courts for shared care and now she has got extremely bitter caling all my family to the children.

    As soon as our third child was born no contact was aloud as she stated we were not together through the pregnancy yet several messages were sent asking if she required anything. Once the baby was  registered she picked the names and also double barreled  the second name with hers but my other children are in my name only.

    3 days after the baby was registered I got a letter from CMS who really don’t listen to you as my job pays ok but is good with overtime, I tried to tell them overtime is not guaranteed but there not interested I appealed as I had to buy a property instructed by my ex if I wanted over night stays to restart so I did but CMS are not  taking into account my mortgage and bills and by the time they have taken there cut aswell I’m left with little to no money.

    Has anyone else experienced the same as I don’t know what to do and it’s looking like I may have to quit my job and end my career which I know my bitter ex wants.


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    I have some experience of the court side of things as well as CMS. hope your doing ok. feel free to message any time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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