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    what do you do for access on birthdays and Christmas? 


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    I know this is going to sound simple…and lucky to some, but I basically told him that my son spends Xmas and birthdays with me, no leeway. On a couple of occasions his dad has joined us for birthdays but I ALWAYS have to pay for him too cos he pleads poverty (lies) and my 8 year old has seen through this and now always chooses separate birthdays.

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    Our son spends his birthdays with me. His dad isn’t great at organising things. Mean when buying presents and Last year he sent him a card with the wrong age on it 🤔

    At Xmas, Son is with me until Boxing Day morning. My ex collects him on Boxing Day and brings him back lunchtime on New Year’s Eve.

    Ex drinks heavily and NYE he’s so drunk it’s a safeguarding risk.

    That works well for us. Son gets 6 days with his dad, but also gets a good Xmas with me. I get a break and ex can do as he pleases on NYE.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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