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    I’m a single parent of a 5 year old who has suspected autism, various other SEND issues and is categorised as disabled.  I am categorised as his carer and claim Carer’s Allowance for such, and claim DLA for him.  I also earn a bit via self-employment (although obviously not a lot as otherwise I wouldn’t qualify for Carer’s Allowance).  During Covid I have qualified for the self-employment grants, and so have been lucky enough to be able to spend time teaching him his schoolwork at home whenever this has been needed (he doesn’t have an EHCP yet so doesn’t have to go to school during Lockdowns).

    My question is this:-


    Would a court favour me or his father to be his resident parent?  His father owns several businesses and earns probably about 5k a month.  I am on Universal Credit due to my son’s disabilities and caring for him.  Even when he’s in school I need to be ready to attend him if he gets upset or they have a change in routine, trip etc.  I am worried that I haven’t got a job to finance us.  My brother is my guarantor and I am currently in a private rented house.

    Had anyone got any thoughts? Should I be looking for some kind of job? I am in the middle of doing my TEFL training which would enable me to teach online language classes when he’s in bed, and I’m also studying counselling and health and social care.


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    Hi,having a part time job wouldn’t affect your Carers allowance.If you are self employed there’s a chance you might be earning as much as min wage part time job,probably you are entitled to working allowance and child tax credit or whatever the equivalent  is under Universal Credit rules,you say you have DLA,and are getting self employment grants at the mo,so you obviously have enough to support yourself and child reasonably.You say you are homeschooling and studying whilst attending your sons extra needs.If you have spare time and child care for your son,by all means why not get a job?It will fill in any gaps in your day.If your question was a concern over if a court would favour your child’s father bc he has a job,the answer is more than likely no.You seem to be more than capable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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