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    This is all new to me. I am a single mum and wondering what benefits I could be entitled to whilst on maternity leave receiving smp. Smp will not be enough to live on but as I work full time,I’m worried that any benefits will be calculated off last years earnings and not the current situation. I just dont know where I stand

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    you can apply for universal credit, inputting all the necessary information with regards to your current financial situation, they will then calculate what or how much you’re entitled to. It’s pretty straight forward, however the decision making is timely. But if you’re willing to wait, then it’s fine. Plus the system also calculates any advanced payment you could get (it’s a loan you’ll have to repay), based on how much you may be entitled to.

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    I claimed universal credit whilst receiving smp and it goes by what you have earned that month so will only take into account your smp. It does take around 6 weeks once you’ve put your claim in but you can get an advance or I managed as the first 6 weeks off smp are 90% of your pay so only slightly less than I was used too. I would def claim. Hope you get it sorted x

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    Hello. Thank you so so much for putting my mind at rest. I was starting to panic! Xx

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    Hi – You can contact Gingerbread on the free Helpline for advice on 0808 802 0925.


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