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    I don’t know about you but I only ever really zoom in on the negatives of being a single parent and don’t often think about the positives so thought I would start this post where we can all list the positives of a being a single parent so we can remind ourselves when we are having a bad day.

    Ill start…

    My house is always clean as don’t have a big kid to also clean up after (aka ex husband).

    My son and I have the most amazing connection as it’s just us against the world.



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    I don’t have to justify how I parent my son. I always felt very judged by my ex.

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    1. I will be able to teach my children good manners and standards of behaviour, without interruption and criticism from my soon to be ex-wife (who has no manners, is badly behaved and is a bad influence on our children). Sorry for sounding bitter.

    2. No more lies.

    3. Being free to enjoy life and heap love on my children.


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    I miss my children. The house is clean but empty and quiet. I’d swapped clean for busy and noisy.

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    1. Being able to eat what and when you want (such a little thing but so lovely)

    2. A closeness with your children that is different as it is just you and them.

    3. Going to bed at the time you need without someone else’s phone lighting up the room.

    4. Deciding how you want to spend your leisure time.

    5. Working towards your own goals without having to deal with a partners ego or their criticism.

    6. Freedom to instil values in the house.

    7. Appreciation of everything.

    8. Strength as it is only you that can be relied on, you have to do it and doing it makes you stronger.

    9. Time to give to friends and other members of the family.

    10. Time off when your kids visit their other parent.

    Ok, number 10 is new to me. The first weekend I sulked and missed them so much. The second time I cleaned the house from top to bottom. But I have realised how I would have felt if in a marriage I had a ‘weekend off’ so now its going to be a benefit

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    Hear hear nicolemotherof2, it completely hit me when my children went off with their dad for the weekend for the first time. It felt like I had lost a limb. It was totally strange at but I’m very slowly getting used to the idea of this. Don’t feel guilty as that’s how I feel, take this time to recharge your batteries treat yourself like a queen do the things you haven’t done in ages and also catch up on sleep as it can be pretty exhausting looking after 2! We can do this!

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