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    Hi I hope someone can advice me or help me in some way so I have a 2 yr old son and Im a single parent so I had gone to Pakistan for 16days and whilst I was over there universal credit had stopped my claim which means my benefits and my sons and rent has been stopped  which is unfair as I was allowed 4 weeks out of the uk ans I only went for 16days is there anyone can advice me on how to open my claim again or what I can do now as it’s coming close to the date I would have to put my rent and now that my benefits have been stopped I’m stressed thsts I might go into debt please if anyone can help with some advice it would be great thank u

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    you can log into your universal credits account, and they have some options in there about sending messages to them or a help line.

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    Is that the reason they have stopped the universal credit, because you were out of the country for 16 days? Or did you have a phone appointment or something in that space of time you could have perhaps missed? I’ve been on uc before myself, but never been away during so I can’t be much help there. Maybe you’re supposed to let them know you’re going. As has been said above, either log into your account, and if not register to make one, and ask some questions in the journal about what’s happening and why.

    Good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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