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    Karen G

    Hi, really hope someone can help as Im potentially in financial ruin. I own a studio flat that I don’t live in as too small for me and toddler. This is considered an asset over £16k and so to claim Universal credit I had to put on the market. It looks like I’ve got a buyer, but tbh I’m in bits. It’s worth a lot more than 16k and I won’t get universal credit benefits Inc childcare until this money has gone. 43 with toddler and have no job, no pension and this is my only property and I won’t be able to afford to buy again. I don’t think I’ve an option to sell. Just wondered if anyone else has been in this position / offer any help

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    Are you absolutely sure it’s ‘assets’ and not savings? There’s a big difference. You shouldn’t need to sell your property to claim UC or any other benefits

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    Hey Karen G,

    ive got the exact same problem. I spoke to citizens advice about it.
    I have split with my partner of 16years at Easter, I moved back to my parents provisionally with our son. The house is too much for me to afford on my own so I was hoping to get some support to help me move to somewhere smaller. Citizens advice told me that my house is classed as an asset so I would have to put my house up for sale and declare this to claim any universal credit or housing benefit. She said that I can provisionally claim a little bit but my case would be monitored but would have a 6month deadline on selling before the benefits would be stopped.
    it’s so frustrating as in the current climate we would make a loss on the house so wouldn’t come out with anything to set me up to move on. I’m lucky I can live with my parents currently but this is only a short term solution. It’s very frustrating

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    Hi there

    Don’t forget that you can speak to one of our helpline advisers to get information around benefit entitlement.  They will be able to help you to explore all of your options.

    Thanks, Justine

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    I do wonder whether the fact that neither of you are living in the ‘asset’ you have is stopping the claim. You are both choosing to vacate your owned properties and rent elsewhere thus making your property an accessory you don’t require. I can not understand that should your owned properties become your primary address that you would be in the same position. I think that this would then facilitate a claim

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    I had the same problem when i tried to apply for housing benefit when i left my ex, because i had equity in the house they counted this as savings so wasn’t entitled to anything even though the house was solely in his name (i was stupid).  It’s taken me five years to get him to sell the house (finally had the money this week) and in all that time i was paying twice as much in rent as he was in mortgage.  If I had been living in the property i wouldn’t have been able to claim any help with housing costs but would still have been entitled to everything else.  Even though i had equity of over £40k tied up in the house it didn’t affect my tax credits or the help i had with childcare, maybe because i didn’t legally own the house i suppose.  If you haven’t been living in the flat have you been renting it out?

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    Karen G

    Thanks for your responses.

    Cara – thanks for your response and yes same scenario.

    Greenfingers – yes asset as I’m not living there. Unfortunately I can’t live in the property as effectively one room plus kitchen & bathroom so can’t live their with my son.


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    Karen G

    Pivklepie – thanks for your message and sorry to hear you’re in a similar situation. Apparently this applies to UC and not the previous benefits. It changed a couple of years ago sadly.

    So if anyone has any investment ideas?!


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