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    Good afternoon fellow parents!

    I am in an awkward situation with my current job.  Basically, I am being singled out for bad treatment and being accused of things which I haven’t done by my line manager.  I have absolutely no support whilst on duty, I am only spoken to by her if she needs to talk to me, she never engages in friendly conversation with me, for example, she never asks me how I got on at the weekend and what I got up to but happily talks to my colleagues about their personal lives.  She is very unapproachable so I hate having to ask her opinion or her help when I need to.  As a consequence maybe sometimes I have made the odd error but don’t we all?!  I know she has!  I have been told today that she and the owner of the business have noticed a change in me in the last few months, that I’m not concentrating.  This is as a result of her treatment of me because if the only person you can ask about the best way to go about things rolls her eyes at you every time you even so much as ask a question you are not exactly inclined to want to ask again!  In my opinion I am being bullied.  So, I have spoken to the owner of the business and I am arranging a meeting with the line manager one on one.  I really think that she needs to know how I feel, get it out in the open.  If, as a consequence she says she doesn’t feel as though we can work together anymore and makes me feel so awkward that I have no option but to hand my notice in – where does that leave me with regard to applying for benefits if I have voluntarily left a job?

    I am a single parent to a 3 and a half year old daughter.


    I would really appreciate anyone’s advice.


    Kind regards,



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