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    Hello I’m a single parent and I have always been working, a lot of the time it’s full time or almost full time but because of my type of job there are times of the year when I can earn hardly anything or practically nothing. I do claim benefits I get child tax, child benefit and housing benefit, apparently I’m not entitled to working tax credit does anyone know if that is correct? My work place really isnt the best place to work for but I’m finding it impossible to find work elsewhere as not many will take on someone that can only do certain days and hours due to childcare reasons so at the moment im stuck there. Recently it’s been getting worse hours wise and im lucky if I get about 14 hours which is what I’ve been given this week. Am I better off sticking with less hours and only doing 2 days a week does that mean I can claim more benefit or will it be about the same, or shall I stick with hoping to get more hours but it’s very unlucky and then hardly get paid anything, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated thank you x

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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