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    My husband left me and my 2 children almost 5 months ago. We are getting on with life and I can now see that he wasn’t right for me. At first I wanted to try and make it work for the sack of our 2 young children both under 3. He never wanted it to work and from the moment he dropped this bomb shell his mind was made up with no return…  he said he didn’t love me, refused relate or counselling, refused a trial separation etc, he point blank didn’t want our marriage. Main reasons he said were that we were too different, we wanted different things.there wasn’t anything major I had even done, it was very hard to take at first. We had been together 10 years, married 4 and my youngest was just 1 year old when he left.

    I am gradually moving on, I’ve been to counselling and feel loads better and focused on a good life ahead!  I don’t want someone who doesn’t love me and just gives up so quickly.

    One thing has has really hurt and upset me. I was very close to his family, I used to get on with them in some ways better than he did. He didn’t really care for his family and was quite negative about many members. To cut a long story short we had a WhatsApp family chat group, all his brothers  and sisters, partners were on this plus his parents. Anyway we used the group even after our separation to swap family pictures of all our children mainly but then it’s use seemed to stop…I asked my sister in law about it and she informed me his sister had set up a new group ( without me!). I was shocked and felt betrayed.! We used this group to share stuff about our kids, he had left me and now his sister did this!!! He never had a good word to say about his sister and I always thought she liked me… but why would you exclude me like this?

    i spoke to my ex and he said what his sister did wasn’t to upset me and was with good intensions ??? He told his parents and i know they felt bad but they still

    let it go on?


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    I’m still

    the children’s mother, they told me is always be their daughter in law and would support me… this just isolates me

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    My ex husband left me it a year now by ex in laws all hate me saying I am a bad women and I have no thinking skills and they don’t want me as their son wife. And my ex husband tells his family did I do anything for them he comes knocking on my door saying I wanted his family and not him. I always encourgad him to send money to his family and speak to them which he disliked talking or sending them money now he is an angel to them and I am the devil.

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    I know the feeling we have to move on and it’s as hard as hell. I was close to my in-laws always told me “I was the favourite” my children were the best grandchildren  out of 9! And last week when I was completely desperate I rang his mum. Told her a few things a- I couldn’t help him. B, we didn’t have enough money for our rent!”. Previous to this when she found out we might split she made  comment of not “wanting to lose her grandchildren!” She then said she would phone me in 2 days time to give her time to think about what I had said. You know what I got  a txt. ” sorry I can’t ring I’m going shopping, call you next week.”! That was a week ago! Clearly not vitherd her “grandchildren may not have a roof over their heads. While there gets drunk in the pub. Guess I know where I stand now. Blood is thicker than water. Guess I’m the water  now.  Chin up. As the person said you can still send pics. Give them time to adjust to it to  they may want to be friends  but don’t know how to go about were not very good at talking sometimes!! X

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    i’m going through the exact same situation. my ex’s family were more my family than his, we break up and they all love me, don’t want to lose me, etc. but I don’t hear from my former mother in law very often and my sisters in law..nothing! I’m sure they’ve set up a separate whatsapp group as well but I can understand why.

    however, I don’t take it personally (not yet anyway!) Perhaps they’re just busy and are trying to do the right thing even if it doesn’t come across that way. If you want to keep contact with them you should and don’t worry about the whatsapp chat.

    Take care x

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    Funnily enough I’ve had the same thing this week. There was a family group that I was a member of but my ex showed me a photo on his phone yesterday set up under their new family group.

    I was actually going to leave the family group as I’m in a position where I’m not interested in having a relationship with any of my in laws. If I send photos or anything to my ex he can always forward them on.

    Try not to be offended. If there are particular people you would like to stay in contact with then reach out to them individually.

    Suzanne x

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