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    Long story short I left my ex partner due to controlling and coercive relationship of nearly 10 years. I have two children nearly 5 and 7 month old. He’s now decided to take me to court because I’m not bending over to let him see the children every day. Nearly 5 yr old is at school and is settling in well at home with the routine of seeing dad fortnightly and a weekly phone call. He hasn’t contested differently until I received the court date I’m just looking at what will happen on the first court date. He never used to spend time with the Children being a drinker and drug user I have said I dont see it fit for him to have unsupervised visits however I have encouraged visits with me present even though I have received an abundance of abuse from him (bring dealt with by the police currently) suppose I’m just looking for advice help or information about what’s to come please

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    Can you find out what contact, other than what he already has, he is wanting? That’s always a good start and it will show court that you are willing to discuss this situation over with him and poss resolve before he feels the need to drag you to court. This does not mean you have to bend over backwards to give him whatever he wants and the courts would not expect you to do that but if there is anything more you can offer him in the way of contact that does not compromise the safety of the children, even if he refuses it, it will benefit your case. I would say from this point on keep ALL communications regarding him seeing the children in email form only. This will be evidence to show that you have tried to sort this out before ending up in court. xx

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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