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    I really let my kid down yesterday. I was really late to pick him up from school, but I’m also trying not to lose my job. I’ve lost my job before and we struggled so much. I don’t want to be in that situation ever again.. but I don’t want to ever pick my kid up late again. I’m having trouble with childcare. I feel like I’ve picked money over my child and I feel like the worse Mum. Has anyone else gone through this?

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    I doubt there are many mums who aren’t late once in a child’s school career.

    Tell the school about your situation, they may be able to suggest something. And can you talk to the other mums. Arrange for someone local to be your backup, maybe swap a Saturday night childminding in return for an emergency pickup. Other mums will  understand.

    Don’t be hard on yourself, it happens to the best mums. 🍷

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    Thank you both. Yesterday was the first time I was that late, but I have been abit late a few times in the past. I had an after school club, but the clubs finished for the christmas holiday. The school know of my situation. I had childcare, but they would cancel on me last minute. Family members and people I know work late hours. They said if I couldn’t finish the work, they’d let me go. I’ve tried to smile and talk to other Mums, but alot of them just seem to have a bee in their bonnet with me. I just have to keep on keeping on. I have to keep reminding myself that I am trying and you both have reminded me too. Thank you. xo

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    I’ve met a few working mums who have found child minders on the local council website who are willing to pick up kids and keep them until parents collect. Have a look on these websites and the lists are free

    I go to work and my child comes home on the school bus . Our nanny is at home and gives her tea until I get . This is 3 days only. I have had hugeproblems where school rings me because for a variety of reasons   . This week my child had upset tummy due to lactose intolerance and was excluded for 48 hours and I couldn’t go to work as I have no one to ask. The nanny was full of flu so couldn’t help out.

    I am not part of the mums groups because I am the only mum In my daughters class that goes to work . They are clicky  with one another too.

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    Thank you, I have looked on websites before. That’s where I got some of the old childminders from. It’s hard sometimes, some jobs don’t understand and don’t care. I’ve taken unpaid leave before, because my childcare was also not well and my backup childcare said it was too short notice. My manager was angry and said “single Mums shouldn’t work”. I want to work and will continue to do so. There’s nothing wrong with not working.. but that’s not what I want for us.

    I dont understand the Mum groups.. we should be supporting one another. It’s wrong.

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