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    Hi guys, everything is new to me, and that includes being a single dad that can work unsocial hours at times. Iam on the birth certificate, and I’ve been summoned yesterday for court for this month.

    My kids mum has put in for a residenace order against me? Now the kid does live with her full time anyways. I feel this is just for her to control me and when I see him, as I can’t have set nights. So I work seeing him around my work!

    many advice welcome.

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    Best thing to do is agree to her residency order in return for a good contact order for yourself . If you are on a rota that changes in cycles you could arrange your contact accordingly. If  you work same days and times you could work out when you can have your children accordingly.

    Children do need stability and routine and that often means dads having set times and days or set times and days inline with a work rota where say things change every 3-4 weeks. so your contact would work in a cycle as well inline with your rota.

    When you do go to family court for your 1st hearing you dont need to agree anything especially the residency order straight away.

    I dont know your hours you work or what hours you do if on rota. If i did i could give you some ideas what you may be able to ask for .  You also i would imagine have holiday leave which a lot of dads spread over school term holidays. It might be age of your child would be a factor as well, are they at school etc or still very young.


    A residency order is a document if granted is where it says Child lives with mum /spends time with father then outlines dates and times etc /special days xmas/birthdays etc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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